Introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain

Introduction Before the blockchain digital cash relying on a trusted third party to process the payments and prevent double-spending and Byzantine general problem (Chaum, 1983). Introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain. Even though this system works well it suffered from the weakness of the trust-based model (Satoshi, 2008). Problems with relying on these third parties with …

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computer and mobile applications

Most Important Computer and Mobile phone Applications

Computer softwares With the invention of computers, there created a new turning point in society. Our day to day activities became more comfortable to carry out. With time, everything was computerized. The biggest advantage of the computer was data collection. Nowadays,  there are two main types of computers, such as special-purpose computers and normal computers. …

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Best Mobile Games

Video Game is one of the most popular games in the world. There is no age difference for video games. But nowadays, a lot of young people are playing video games. from that mobile games take a special place. Game festivals, games carnivals are held in many countries. Government and private institutions are sponsoring this …

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