Best Mobile Games

playing mobile games
playing mobile games

Video Game is one of the most popular games in the world. There is no age difference for video games. But nowadays, a lot of young people are playing video games. from that mobile games take a special place. Game festivals, games carnivals are held in many countries. Government and private institutions are sponsoring this event. Mobile games are more advantage than pc games because of their easy to open, low maintenance cost. These mobile games are popular because of their best graphics, easy-to-play anywhere and modern mobile phones.

Below are the best mobile games ( Ranking order ) .

 01] . Call of Duty mobile

call of duty
C O D mobile

Nowadays, the ranking is first in the call of duty mobile game. The pc game is also popular, and with the arrival of the cod mobile, many people got it. It has been also designed to be multiplayer. So in a short period, the ranking was first. More details click here

 02] . PUBG mobile

pubg mobile
PUBG mobile

The Pubg was the ranking first before come cod mobile.  But this is currently ranking second place. it released on 2018. But some peoples most like pubg than cod mobile yet. More details click here

 03] . Minecraft mobile game

minecraft mobile

Ranking no 3 is minecraft. It’s a very interesting and simple game. More details click here

 04] . Clash of Clans

More details click here

clash of clans
C O C mobile

 05] . Clash royale

clash royale
clash royale mobile

 06] . fortnine

fortnine games

 07] . Pokemon go

 08] . Brawl starts

 09] . Free fire mobile

 10] . Mario cart tour mobile

 11] . Geometry dash

 12] . Roblo

Addiction to video games is common in nowadays society. These mobile games because along with the low of phone life, are major problems.  The main problem is the disruption of education through the addiction of the students who study it. Those are common problems we can see through the social.

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