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World wonderful Power plants

 Electricity is one of the most essential needs today.  There are various types of power plants for this purpose.  Almost all the machinery in the modern world works with electricity.  There are electric engines in place of the previous engine combustion engines.  Many power plants contribute to the electricity the society needs today.  Among the various types of power plants are hydro power, coal, solar power, solar power, solar power, nuclear power plants and nuclear power plants.  Hydroelectric power plants are one of the oldest generating systems.

World Hydroelectric power plants

 This is one of the oldest power generation method in the world. Hydroelectricity is a major power generation system in many countries of the world. To do this, the water in an elevated reservoir is taken to a power plant located below it, which turns the turbine and generates electricity. From the source of the water to the power station, the water is often taken through tunnels. Hydroelectricity is easily obtained during the rainy season. Hydroelectricity is not renewable energy. Therefore, it is very problematic to get hydro power in the rainy season. This type of electricity is often supplied to the national grid or stored away. As the modern world progressed, underground hydro power plants were built. The voltage produced by the turbines in these power plants varies. Larger turbines can generate a larger voltage, while smaller turbines can generate a smaller voltage.

Hydroelectric power plants
Hydroelectric power plants

Coal power plants

Coal power plants are the main method of electricity generation. The advantage is that coal is cheaper. But coal power plants are a type of power plant that should be removed from society today. That is, it has more disadvantages than advantages. This results in substantial environmental pollution. And coal is not renewable energy. The gas from the coal burns into the atmosphere, causing gas and acid rain. Burning coal, ie, coal ash, also causes a great deal of environmental pollution. The main disadvantages are the spare parts of these coal power plants, which are quickly depleted and difficult to maintain.

Coal power plants
Coal power plants

fuel power plants

These power plants are also the current main kind of power plants. For this purpose, use to the generator. for this, people use a low cost fuel like kerosene , diesel . The generator use generates electricity and generates electricity. Fuel is not renewable energy. Therefore, this method is incompatible with the present. But the pollution by these power stations is very low. The size of the generator varies the amount of voltage that can generate .

Solar power plants

Sunlight generates the electricity. The sun’s solar radiation produces electricity. It generates  large number of solar panels and generates electricity in power plants. In most cases, this can save electricity.

 Solar power plants
Solar power plants

Wind power plants

This is one of the cheapest forms of electricity generation, due to the abundance of renewable energy. The tops of the mountains and on the coast have established these power plants throughout the year. Here, winds also generate electricity by rotating large turbines.

There are many power plants in the world today, using various renewable energies, such as nuclear power plants, pressure plants and ocean waves. Today people are trying various methods of generating electricity for the world. This is a type of power station, away from the world. Read more

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