coal power plant

The Importance of COAL Power Plant

Water, renewable energy, fuel and coal are the main contributors to the global energy demand.

Today, in many countries, the use of coal is the primary source of energy for continuous electricity supply. This is shown by the statistics of the Electricity Board in almost every country. Meanwhile, the world’s energy data shows that coal accounts for 40% of the world’s energy supply. Coal is also a major contributor to the future energy demand of many countries which are making rapid progress.

Despite this, some are strongly opposed to coal power plants. It is about the environmental damage caused by the plant as well as the frequent faults in the power plants.

It discusses the services rendered by the plant to the people and the country in such an environment.

With the rapid development process of industrialized countries, electricity consumption increased. The coal power plants that were started for this purpose are already providing a great service to the entire grid.

The process

coal power plant
coal power plant

Compared to other forms of energy production, the operation of a coal power plant is quite complex. Not only does our home, office, lamplight but also the factories provide energy.

“Generally this requires a large acreage of lands. About 800-1000 workers work at a power plant. so, hydroelectric power plants have become much easier. The coal power plant would have been suspended if it were not for the power supply. If the hydropower plants continue to operate during this period, the water in the reservoirs will be reduced. It will also affect next season’s farming. The solution to all these problems is due to these power stations. And in terms of cost, coal is the cheapest after hydropower. Generally, a ton of coal costs Rs. 20,000.

The functionality of these is very complex. Many people often complain that these power plants have been inactive for a long time. But usually, any power plant breaks down. Other power plants are falling apart. But it doesn’t feel that way to the national grid. This is because it adds a large number of megawatts. In the event of a breakdown in this plant, it will take ten to twelve days to recover. It cannot be repaired until the heat in that machine is gone. A coal-fired boiler has a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. And the diesel needs to be revived. It takes about two days. That is why some people in the country blame this. But no one thinks of the service it does. If we were to generate electricity continuously for 24 hours, how much money would it cost now? ”

Some sections of the country are also accused of the environmental degradation caused by coal and the destruction of coal power plants.

“True, some coal power plants in the world are being removed. Recently, the same thing was removed in America. But the technology in those power plants is old. But our power station has been created using modern technology. The cheapest option is to save on the cost of creating old power plants with modern technology. Coal has been found to last for years, even though the world’s oil is out. ”

Problems and Solutions

Coal is a fossil fuel. We use the energy of solar rays absorbed by plants millions of years ago. When coal-fired electricity is some kind of pollution. It’s low level. Generally, running a well in a home can cause pollution.

Another effect is the washing of coal in the surrounding areas. Coal is stored in acres of land. When the wind comes, the coals of the coal will spread like dust. As a remedy, cover the entire area where the coal is stored, around 45 feet high.

The coal used to generate energy also benefits from the ashes that are burned and burned.

Even when electricity is at its peak, ash does not accumulate. This ash is used in the manufacture of cement. Brick is also used in building construction.

There should be hydropower, natural gas, fuel, solar, wind power. But you know the status of wind power plants. Rarely works. Solar is good. But the problems with energy retention are serious. Fuel is very expensive. Hydroelectricity has reached its peak. So coal is the only solution for generating uninterrupted electricity at a price of Rs. 20,000.

If so, you should know the truth about the Coal Power Plant, which directly contributes to the development of the country.

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